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Resume (PDF)

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I began writing the novels in 2013. They were as much therapy as anything else. Even though the goal of every parent is to raise children that grow up and build their own lives, it was a hard transition for me. I felt as if the best part of me had ended and I couldn’t get back to it. Our kids are always reaching out for the next step, their first car, their new family, their first house. It’s all reaching forward for them. They don’t realize that behind them, there are people who’ve spent their whole lives defending, hedging a little family against the world only to find that it would all come apart from inside.

There aren’t too many times that something I’ve created comes close to what I had in mind, but I’m proud of the books and I’m grateful to the readers who’ve shared their thoughts.


This is a collection of online and hardcopy articles that I’ve either written or to which I’ve contributed.

I develop articles to persuade readers toward a strategic objective. One of my great assets is the range of talents I can bring to bear in this persuasion. Designing uninterrupted service counters, developing datacenter/interest maps, downtime databases, blog posting and writing articles on uptime all drive toward the elevation of uptime as a more important selection criteria than price or location. The marketing principles would apply in the marketing of any product or service.

I research at length for illustrations and supporting facts. I favor the direct and strategic communication with a targeted reader over blanket advertising. Traditional advertising (TV spots, newspaper and magazine ads) is potentially useful in increasing brand awareness (although I’ve read articles disputing even this value) but the articles I’ve written have drawn in more clients than the ads I’ve created.


I have a gift for seeing another person’s perspective. This is probably one of the single greatest assets in persuasion. I really dig into the prospect’s objectives, their concerns and even generalizations of their personal career motivations. There’s a small percentage of business decisions that are made solely for the good of the company. The majority combine benefit to the prospect’s company with personal motivations. When a product or service can be shown to benefit both company and buyer/decision-maker you close deals.


I’ve developed numerous applications over the years. A well-crafted application combines an understanding of sales/marketing principles, intuitive usability design, graphical design, programming and database design. Usually this requires different people from each discipline. My talents and experience overlap each of these specialties allowing me to conceive and create independently. Aside from the obvious cost advantage this affords my employers, this also allows disparate media (whitepapers, articles, ads and applications) to pinpoint focus on a persuasion strategy.


Insightful understanding of the essential value proposition combined with a distinctive, creative flair enable me to create some compelling ads.

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