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Whitepapers: Overview

“OnePartner ECO: Value Proposition”

For this paper, I needed to pull together a cohesive and digestible pitch from a complex fully hosted EMR/Practice Management System with integrated interface middleware and both hardware and datacenter infrastructure. I’m pleased with the result which has my signature tones of clearspeak and subtle humor as well.


“OnePartner ECO: Pricing”

This project was even more challenging than the ECO value proposition paper.

Just what represents a “traditional EMR deployment”?

Most deployments are sub-optimized with inadequate hardware, backup, infrastructure and support so comparing a substandard traditional deployment in a physician’s office closet to a fully managed hosted deployment in professional facility wouldn’t work. But if I established pricing for the traditional deployment that almost no one has in the real world, physician prospects would take one look at my estimates and toss the paper. I came up with three different traditional deployment models, a “Basic”, “No-Frills with ecosystem” and “Comparable (but scaled down) system”.

I never create collateral material without solid data backing it up. For this project, that meant I spent two weeks actually architecting the infrastructure for each of the three traditional models down to the point where I requested pricing for hardware, software and services as rigorously as if I were actually buying these systems.

The average reader has no idea of the amount of research, planning and pricing calculations that produced the simple comparative charts. The rigor I put into this paid off – not one physician prospect ever questioned my pricing comparisons.

“10 Places You Don’t Want a Datacenter”

This paper has been downloaded in 130 countries. I wanted to write a paper that comes across as truly objective with information that would be valuable for anyone considering retrofit of an existing datacenter or choosing a location. I invested a considerable amount of time researching case studies and examples. I’m still really pleased with the result several years later and its still the most heavily downloaded content on the site. It was picked up by a lot of blogs and news sites and has been a great tool for recruiting prospects. I enjoy the challenge of creating strategically-targeted, yet indirect marketing.

“Proximity Bias & Commute Expense: Impact on Datacenter Selection”

Quote requests for datacenter services were coming in from referral sites with requirements that prospective datacenters should be within 60 miles of the main office. As I was marketing a datacenter in a rural area this severely limited my ability to sign clients. I created service options with a focus on remote management, including free hands-on support that gave us better positioning. I also wrote a paper with computed cost savings of remote management compared to local datacenter travel expenses.

“Design & Engineering Handbook”

This collection of plastics design and engineering guidelines I developed in 1994 is still available today on Eastman Chemical Company’s web site.

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