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Whitepapers: Design & Engineering Handbook

I produced a collection of engineering guidelines for plastic injection molding in 1994. These guidelines included illustrations and instructions to help Eastman Chemical Company customers design plastic devices for numerous market segments (pens, appliance trays, floorcare, consumer products, etc).

I provided sketches to Eastman’s internal visual graphics department which produced great illustrations. I produced every aspect of this “Design & Engineering Handbook”; contracted the cover illustration, procured printed collateral, edited content, created all new content and oversaw production and distribution. One of my favorite sections of the Handbook provided a step-by-step process for identifying root cause failures for plastic parts. This was the first time Eastman had ever documented, or published this process.

The Design & Engineering Handbook was distributed throughout all of Eastman’s injection molding plastics clients.

I produced a web version of the Handbook which was part of Eastman’s first web site launch in October 1995.

As I write this in 2012, the Handbook I developed still remains on Eastman’s web site with much of the original content and illustrations. I’ve downloaded a copy of the current Handbook (389kb PDF).

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