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Outsourced Collections Project

In November (2012), I completed a project enabling collection of outstanding balances by three different service providers. One provider, Company A (“COA“) processed insurance balances, Company B (“COB“) processed personal balances and Company C (“COC“) processed outstanding worker’s compensation balances.​

outsourcedcollectionsproject - Large.jpg

Mirth interface channels orchestrate the process, verifying availability of databases that are replicated nightly from production data (Centricity to DMI_Base) and determining if a new extract is required.  Some data extracts are daily and some are weekly.   If an extract is needed, channel logic executes stored procedures to extract charges assigned to each company (insurance, personal and worker’s comp).  Rows of charges are written to the “account” or “start” files.  These files are sent to each company via SFTP.  During the extraction process, additional files and/or processes set flags for appropriate charges to identify the responsible company.

In two cases, payments, charge corrections and adjustments are sent to the respective collection companies so payments directly to the provider organization can be reconciled with payments received by the collection company.

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