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Tom has taken a stand against Amazon's censorship of other authors and removed his books from Amazon.  Read Tom's note at the bottom of this page. 

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The settings for Tom Deaderick’s unique and original science-fiction novels will be familiar to Eastern Tennesseans. Deaderick grew up reading Stephen King’s novels, set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, and has set THE LOST COVE SERIES in the Appalachian Trail mountains, the community of Bumpas Cove and the town of Erwin, Tennessee.

Readers of the series, especially those who enjoy the region’s hiking trails, can locate many points of interest from the books and hike to see the locations that caught the author’s eye.

There are currently four novels in the series.

The first book of the series is set in the Lost Cove, one of the region’s most interesting and enduring historic sites. According to a comprehensive thesis by Christy A. Smith, the Lost Cove settlement was established during the Civil War. Despite there being no roads into the Lost Cove settlement, it grew to include a church, a schoolhouse and a lumbermill and was home to more than a dozen families.

FLIGHTSUIT also introduces readers to Bumpas Cove, Tennessee, with its history of ecological abuse, iron mines and its present-day riverside beauty.

The second book’s settings range from Bumpas Cove to the Grand Canyon, with a climactic battle in Area 51. It is in this book that the author establishes Erwin, Tennessee as the successor to Roswell, New Mexico as the site of alien artifacts.

The third book introduces new characters and a powerful relic discovered off the Appalachian Trail’s Cliff Ridge, near Uncle Johnny’s Nolichucky Hostel. This book sets in motion events that reach a climax in the series’ next book.

The fourth book, published in 2019, is a science-fiction horror, with monstrous aliens rising from the mountains surrounding Erwin, Tennessee. Erwin is quarantined and the book’s characters are trapped. The aliens are rapidly transforming the town into an army of horrific creatures. To survive, the heroes must hike out, on the AT, at night, under skies filled with giant bat-like creatures.

Meet Jon Falvo’s eyes,
and he knows everything about you,
and you have a day to live.


In all the multiverse, there are a small number who are different, for whom probabilities are choices and any possible outcome can be chosen.


But there are consequences.


My books are no longer available on Amazon. There are two reasons. I'm an American and I'm a writer. For both, freedom of speech is the foundation upon which every other right and privilege rests. Amazon's censoring of writers is an unforgivable action against both America and writers.


There is never a valid reason for censorship. When a censor removes a book, or forbids speech considered hateful, they are elevating themselves above the public, arrogantly asserting that their own customers are too ignorant to be trusted to make their own assessments of the validity of a perspective. Is there a greater criticism of your customers than to openly assert their ignorance?

So, I no longer work with Amazon in any capacity. I've given up the conveniences and my prior love for the company. I have so many of their movies that scrolling through them takes five minutes. I've given up my Amazon Prime card, and Amazon Prime. I've moved my books off their platform and even removed them from IngramSpark just to ensure that Amazon has no capacity to sell my books when their supplies are exhausted.

Free will is God's greatest gift - as well as the greatest threat to our eternal life. He sacrificed his only son to give us the chance to have free will and eternal life. If God trusts mankind with freedom, who is Amazon? 

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