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DEEP DARK: A BEDTIME TALE is a 48-page picture book that uses characters afraid of the light, which children perceive as safe, to illustrate that fear is the fence we stand at, with the world on the other side.

The creatures of the deep ocean are not afraid of the dark. They fear the bright world above.

Hatch and his small family of hatchetfish, along with Nardo, a Dumbo octopus, set out to discover the truth about the mysterious world above.

Along the way, those they meet are also afraid and each provides a lesson.

When no one can remove his children’s fears, Hatch makes a courageous decision and sets out for the bright world far above.

The illustrations are vividly colorful. The tale’s lessons are quiet and unobtrusive.

The tale is also a parable, mirroring a great man who lived two thousand years ago and still inspires us today because he left safety and comfort, traveled to a bright world and came back to take away the fear no one else could.

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