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DEEP DARK: Discussion Topics

The best thing about writing a picture book compared to a novel, is that I can wait while someone actually reads the whole book, and we can discuss what they draw from it through their own experiences and perspective while the story is still fresh. I’d love to hear yours.

Here are some backstory elements of the story from my perspective that might frame interesting discussions with your children.

What do they fear?
The book’s lessons are subtle, adding to the story rather than standing in it’s way. Here are the details around each lesson, so you can call your children’s attention to them at the appropriate time.

Deep Dark as a Biblical parable
The original story was about fear (Fear is the fence we stand at, with the world on the other side). As I illustrated the book months later, I realized how well it aligned with Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, and way His return wipes away our greatest fear.

“You’re smarter than you look”
Nardo was one of the first characters for the story. He looks silly, but is one of the wisest characters in the story. We can’t control how we look, neither can anyone else.

Treasure hunt
Print out this map for children to find each of the bright world treasures found in the deep dark.

UV Flashlight fun with book
Try a “black” light with the book to immerse your children in the deep sea.

Selected page discussion
Some interesting information for several pages in the book.

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