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Apps: Overview


I really put it all together on the UPTIMEdatabase site. Marketing, human behavior, creativity, research, usability design, programming and database development – along with a successful viral marketing campaign. Plus how often do you get to pull out all the stops and use zombies to market your services?

OnePartner ECO

At the time I came up with OnePartner ECO, selecting an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system was a confounding maze of choices with no consolidated resource for buyers to evaluate EMR pricing, infrastructure options and lifecycles expenses. The ECO project presents a tour de force of my abilities including business concept development, vendor negotiation, advertising concept development, value proposition development, field sales and one awesomely complex five year projection spreadsheet for interactive modeling pricing models of five different vendors.

Datacenter Disasters

A collection of images and anecdotes intended both as cautionary tales and encouragement.

Downtime Database

As you can imagine, most datacenter operators aren’t eager to inform the public of their failures. Collecting failure information requires diligence, determination and a lot of Google work.

Disaster Task Force

I wanted a community resource for regional information technology leaders to encourage sharing of disaster planning techniques. The hope was that I could advance the organizations who weren’t capable of extensive planning to the point where they would be ready for datacenter services.

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