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Apps, Datacenter Disasters

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning don’t engender the level of enthusiastic discussion that you need online. So I’ve developed whitepapers and web apps that capture peripheral interest while always focusing back to the datacenter’s value proposition – high availability.

In this case, I’m using images I’ve collected depicting tales of datacenter horror and mixed the worst in with some examples that are common in most corporate datacenters, such as emergency fans and less-than-ideal cable management. This way, everyone can identify with at least a few of the examples and (ideally) decide they’d prefer a more professional-looking datacenter (like ours for example).

This is one of the first web apps I created with Microsoft WebMatrix and the Razor scripting (like ASP) language. The rating system is all custom code (there are apps to make that easier now). I also scoured quotation sites for quotes that had the right edge to them and set these to randomize as the page is loaded.

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