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Articles: Overview article (2011)

This article encapsulates a variety of capabilities that make me effective; creativity, research, software and database development, design – as well as a strong understanding of human behavior and marketing strategy.

Does data center uptime affect energy efficiency?

Written by Mark Fontecchio, published in

Energy Regulation and Datacenters

Written by Tom Deaderick, published in “The Datacenter Journal”.

OnePartner Follows The Tier System

Written by Tom Deaderick, published in “Mission Critical Magazine”

Disaster Task Force: “Who Ya Gonna Call?”

Written by Scott Robertson, published in “Tri-Cities Tennessee/Virginia Business Journal”

Debunking Datacenters

Written by Tom Deaderick, published in “”

Virginia’s Chopra Named New Federal CTO

Written by Rich Miller, published in “”

Senator Mark Warner visits OnePartner ATAC

Written by Wes Bunch, published in “Kingsport Times-News”

Hosting: Decisions On Location

Written by Carmi Levy, published in “Processor Magazine”

Obama’s ‘cap and trade’ energy plan could hit data centers

Written by Patrick Thibodeau, published in “ComputerWorld” magazine

Clean The Data Center

Written by Jean Thilmany, published in “Processor Magazine”

Under New Management

Written by Sharon Caskey Hayes, published in “Kingsport Times-News”
This great article describes my first opportunity to lead a company. It garnered great good will for the company. My approach really resonated with people, several of my customer’s employees sought positions with Intellithought after reading the article.

Years later, it still describes the way I feel.

Appliance Magazine (1993 article)

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