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  • Tom Deaderick

Your most valuable asset is not what you think it is

Ask anyone what a team's most valuable asset is, and they are likely to say it is their data.

I believe that is the second most valuable asset.

Every team's most valuable assets are the business problems they are responsible for solving.

The smartest person, or the most capable team, will be defined by the business problems they have to solve.

Let's say you have two equally gifted teams, with the best analytical tools.

Give one team a major business problem that costs the company a lot of money, or creates a lot of issues for other teams, and give the second team a business problem that costs the organization a hundredth as much.

If the first team even solves a portion of a very impactful problem, it creates far more value than a complete solution of the smaller problem.

It is the size of problems your team is responsible for solving that determine its real value and the same is true for individuals.

So when you wake up to start the day, and your problems seem challenging, be grateful for the opportunity to achieve greatness.


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