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  • Tom Deaderick

Three Elon Musk inspirations in one minute


Musk is hurt when the heroes who inspired him speak out against him. He consistently acts in a manner that gives ordinary people the potential to do what only elites could do before.

X provides ordinary people to have a voice in social media, whereas the censored platforms only allow elites and those with accepted beliefs to have a voice.

SpaceX pioneers past government-controlled, stagnant NASA.

Musk is at the top of the financial elites, yet he is the one fighting hardest to lift everyone up.

Musk's long-term hope is to win his heroes over, and he knows that the fewer barriers he creates with a pointed response to their criticism, the easier it will be for them to one day admit he was right.


We are told to avoid showing our emotions, our passions, but those passions, and our vulnerability show how deep our goals' roots are within us.

It is Musk's barely contained emotions that reach us, not our understanding of science, or business.

Passion, enthusiasm, and vulnerability are universally admired.


Interviewer: "When you had the third failure in a row, did you think, I need to pack this in?"

Musk: "Never. I don't ever give up."


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