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  • Tom Deaderick

The Obituary (There once was a man)

Let me tell you a story, the old woman said to the boy.

There was once a man who found a woman who opened his heart so love could pour out.

It flowed like rain in the summer, and filled her up, and then it flowed even greater from the two of them, and a boy came and caught some, but there was more, so he called another boy to help catch the love that would not stop.

It soon poured from all.

The boys grew, and the love poured all the more, until they found women too, but the love overspilt them all, and still it flowed.

It flowed from above, down, and down, and little ones came to play in the cascade, two boys and two girls caught it, and the people above knew that when the little ones grew up, the love would flow from them too.

The boy looked up to the woman and asked, "Where did the love come from and who was the man?"

The old woman answered, "All good gifts come from above, and those people were your family."

"I wish I could remember them," said the boy, looking up at her.

"This is all you need to remember," she told him, looking into the clouds and smiling.


Tom Deaderick,

April 21, 2024


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