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  • Tom Deaderick

Selected the story for my sixth book

You cannot be a writer without great discipline.

Today is the day that I have held fixed in my mind since October 2019. For over a year, I set aside writing in order to study for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam. Every day, including Saturday and Sunday, I awoke, usually before my alarm (4:30 AM), built test labs, studied and practiced. I passed the test on September 30, 2020.

Before I would allow myself to begin a new book, I wanted to try getting a professional manager and I wanted a screenplay for FLIGHTSUIT. I worked until December 2020, reading about the techniques for writing screenplays and starting it. I had 60 pages complete when the deterioration of the world around us made me decide that I needed to ensure I could maintain communications with my family in the event something truly catastrophic occurs. I began studying Amateur Radio (HAM) and working toward an Amateur Radio license. I completed the exams for Technical and General licenses on January 16, 2021. My HAM callsign is KO4LBC.

I spent the intervening time since January 16, 2021 completing the screenplay and moving my books from Amazon to Barnes & Noble. The self-publishing process takes time and I also paid for an updated cover for FLIGHTSUIT, which came out well.

And so, today is the day.

I have eight story concepts that I've documented over the past year-plus. I jotted down notes while hiking usually, or while Marfie and I sat on the beach in Clearwater. Two of the eight are sequels, one for THE LOST COVE SERIES and the other for LIFEFLASH. I will do both of those, Lord willing, but for now I wanted to do an entirely new book. I chose two finalists and picked the one I will work on for the next eight to ten months.

I wish I could tell you about it right now, but for me, keeping the story bottled up inside me, without sharing it, is the fuel that keeps me getting up every morning and writing.


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