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  • Tom Deaderick

First school book reading for DEEP DARK: A BEDTIME TALE

Wow! Our first classroom book reading was a wonderful experience!

I could not begin to thank the four teachers enough for it. They've spent the year working with the children in the 3rd and 5th grade classes of Gibbs Elementary School in Corryton, Tennessee and it shows so clearly in the kind consideration of their students for us as guests, their engaged attention, excellent manners and the closeness of the relationship between the teachers and children. It made me nostalgic for those years myself, to be learning everyday by people that devote themselves entirely to your future success. Who wouldn't want to experience that again?

Thank you to my friend since the sixth grade, Mrs. Tracy Clapp. You were an anchor for me as we moved from place to place, just as kind and gracious then as you are now.

Thank you Mrs. Jenny Garrett, Mrs. Sandy Webster and Mr. Todd Clapp for the great kindness of sharing the classes that you've created and prepared with us for the day. Your insightful discussion after the story had to impact the classes, because I will never forget it myself. Thanks for the mark you leave on these children and for the ones you left on me.

Mrs. Tracy Clapp and Tom Deaderick

Mrs. Jenny Garrett and Tom Deaderick

Mrs. Sandy Webster and Mr. Todd Clapp Drawing names for free books.

Mr. Clapp shares his own powerful lessons from the story.

Tom's a much bigger storyteller in the 3rd grade this time around.

Tom reads to Gibbs Elementary's 3rd grade class


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