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FLIGHTSUIT, Research & Background

I wanted to ground FLIGHTSUIT in reality. I think science fiction is best when we can solidly connect to it, either through realistic characters, situations or settings. I set FLIGHTSUIT in a combination of two places. One is the Lost Cove, an abandoned settlement between Erwin, Tennessee and Poplar, North Carolina. The Lost Cove was once home to eleven families, isolated and more than five miles from a road in any direction, then and today.

The second setting I used was Bumpas Cove, Tennessee. Driving on the small road alongside the river through this small community, you’d never guess that a massive EPA cleanup site is nearby. Millions of tons of hazardous liquids were released right into the ground near the abandoned iron mines in the mountains near Bumpas Cove.

The Lost Cove

Bumpas Cove, Tennessee

Additional items of interest

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