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I really enjoy reading the reviews. It fascinates me to see how different aspects of the story resonate with people. We all have such different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that we can look at the same thing and see many different things. When you write, whether you’re writing a story or a review, you’re opening up with a flow of your own thoughts. We keep almost all of our thoughts inside, it takes real effort to communicate them through writing and they reveal us in ways that our normal conversations usually don’t.

I check the reviews several times a day. I think reading them helps make the second book better. I’ve learned what appeals most and have insights into areas where more is required. I truly appreciate the gift of your feedback.

There are many reviews that are especially powerful or instructive for me. I will be adding these to the website, starting with the one below that I liked so much it encouraged me to begin collecting them here.


Thank you sincerely,
Tom Deaderick


Amazon review (5/6/2014) 5 Stars
Entropy and a child’s wasting disease; a shared love for exploration; a sapient suit with extraordinary powers of communication, defense, travel and offense; these are some of the concepts explored in FLIGHTSUIT, wrapped in both teen and adult angst, governmental plotting and hope for the future. Beautifully written, this sci-fi novel has created a new sub-genre, an increasingly rare occurrence. I loved this book and am awaiting the sequel in the hope that it will continue in the same way.

Tom’s note
The child and parent experience is an important part of FLIGHTSUIT and is the primary underlying theme of FLIGHTPACK. Our experience on either side of these roles shapes us substantially. It’s powerful, both in positive ways and in ways that can be very painful. I think it’s what gives these characters a story to tell and it’s the reason I can’t wait to finish FLIGHTPACK.


Thank you for a great review!

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