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DEEP DARK: Yosemite, Dark Valley & The Fingers

Print the treasure map and find all the “treasures” collected by the creatures of the deep dark in the story.


Dark Valley and the Fingers


The character’s home is the Dark Valley, which is inspired by Yosemite. I think that I’m like most readers in that I enjoy going to places I’ve read about or seen in movies. I think it would be awesome to have children reading the book on their family trip to Yosemite and opening this page at the overlook for a photo. Please send me links to the photo posts if you do, I’d love to link to them.

The Fingers
The Fingers are hot sea vents. These geological formations are formed by hot magma under the sea floor. The vents create a warm and towering home with hot mineral-rich water pouring from the top. The lights are thousands of bioluminescent creatures that live on the Fingers. Jelly Valley, at the base, is home to the jellyfish.

I used photographs of my own hand for the Fingers. They are reaching up, like Michelangelo’s David.

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