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DEEP DARK: Taylor's checklist from FLIGHTPACK

One of the artifacts inside the wise old squid’s cave-in-a-geode is a key element from my novels FLIGHTSUIT and FLIGHTPACK. In those novels, a disembodied alien entity inhabits the mind of Ted Taylor. The alien gives Taylor the ability to mentally “time-share”, leveraging the mind of anyone around him to perform calculations so complex that they are nearly future predictions.

Nardo is flipping through the pages of the wise old squid’s desk and is about to open the green leather journal with stenciling of “T. Taylor – Timeshare Checklists”. The journal would be priceless in the bright world, as the government desperately seeks it.


Close up

Another note of potential interest, the text of the open red book that Nardo is reading is the written script of DEEP DARK: A BEDTIME TALE for this illustration. I completed the written script about eight months before reaching this illustration. I scanned the text and pasted it in the illustration.

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