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Ads: Intellithought Rocket

Intellithought targets regional clients making local newspapers essential to marketing efforts. However, I’ve learned that newspaper ads have minimal impact, while newspaper articles can draw in clients and efficiently add brand value.

So I was always looking for ways to generate articles.

In 2005, I learned that one of our employees, Sterling Edmunds was into rocketry. At first, I assumed he meant the small rocket kits that we all (the lucky kids anyway) enjoy growing up. Sterling’s rockets were considerably more impressive 11 foot tall monsters that were so large and traveled so high that he had to launch them from Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

By sponsoring Sterling’s rocket, I showed the company’s support of a valued employee and hoped to generate some local news coverage. I asked Sterling to ensure the company’s name was prominently featured, which he clearly delivered. I introduced Sterling to my contact at the paper and waited several months for the launch.

I was rewarded by a front page article and color photos of the rocket in our lobby and during launch. There were many comments about the article in the weeks that followed and it had the added impact of increasing the number of resumes we received as employees of other companies saw Intellithought as a company that placed value on technology and did cool things. The cost of sponsoring the Intellithought rocket was $1,000.

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